FeynHiggs: History of the Code

Last update: Jul 1, 2021
What happened (FeynHiggs2.18.1):


Jan 11, 2021 (FeynHiggs2.18.0): Nov 25, 2020 (FeynHiggs2.17.0): July 29, 2020 (FeynHiggs2.16.1): February 05, 2020 (FeynHiggs2.16.0): December 18, 2019 (FeynHiggs2.15.0): August 13, 2019 (FeynHiggs2.14.4): September 20, 2018 (FeynHiggs2.14.3): May 17, 2018 (FeynHiggs2.14.2): February 28, 2018 (FeynHiggs2.14.1): January 31, 2018 (FeynHiggs2.14.0): February 11, 2017 (FeynHiggs2.13.0): December 21, 2016 (FeynHiggs2.12.2): December 13, 2016 (FeynHiggs2.12.1):
July 01, 2016 (FeynHiggs2.12.0): Dec 17, 2015 (FeynHiggs2.11.3): June 15, 2015 (FeynHiggs2.11.2):
May 15, 2015 (FeynHiggs2.11.1):
May 07, 2015 (FeynHiggs2.11.0): Apr 20, 2015 (FeynHiggs2.10.4): Mar 05, 2015 (FeynHiggs2.10.3): Aug 04, 2014 (FeynHiggs2.10.2): May 02, 2014 (FeynHiggs2.10.1): Dec 18, 2013 (FeynHiggs2.10.0): June 06, 2013 (FeynHiggs2.9.5): Sep 27, 2012 (FeynHiggs2.9.4):
Sep 17, 2012 (FeynHiggs2.9.3):
Jul 27, 2012 (FeynHiggs2.9.2):
July 02, 2012 (FeynHiggs2.9.1):
June 19, 2012 (FeynHiggs2.9.0):
December 22, 2011 (FeynHiggs2.8.6):
August 2, 2011 (FeynHiggs2.8.5):
July 26, 2011 (FeynHiggs2.8.4): June 10, 2011 (FeynHiggs2.8.3): June 08, 2011 (FeynHiggs2.8.2): June 02, 2011 (FeynHiggs2.8.1): May 12, 2011 (FeynHiggs2.8.0): Oct. 19, 2010 (FeynHiggs2.7.4): Sep. 28, 2010 (FeynHiggs2.7.3): Aug. 27, 2010 (FeynHiggs2.7.2): Aug. 4, 2010 (FeynHiggs2.7.1): Jul. 30. 2010 (FeynHiggs2.7.1): Jun 11. 2010 (FeynHiggs2.7.0): Apr 23. 2010 (FeynHiggs2.7.0beta):

Dec 20. 2008 (FeynHiggs2.6.5):

July 04. 2008 (FeynHiggs2.6.4):

May 13. 2008 (FeynHiggs2.6.3): Nov. 12. 2007 (FeynHiggs2.6.2):
Bottom quark mass in H → gg, γγ in the SM improved.
Bug in the call to the SLHA routines fixed (appeared only in FH2.6.1 due to the change in the SM parameter handling).

Oct. 08. 2007 (FeynHiggs2.6.1):
July 23. 2007 (FeynHiggs2.6.0beta):
January 09. 2007 (FeynHiggs2.5.1):
configure adapted to new compiler versions.

December 21. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.5.1):

December 14. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.5.1):
Possible problem with Delta_b resummation removed. We strongly recommend to use the updated version.

November 27. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.5):

June 30. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.4.1):
A few small Fortran bugs removed

June 22. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.4.1):

May 12. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.4.0beta):
Several improvements and new features have been implemented:
May 02. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.3.2):
Unitarity quality of UHiggs improved.

Mar 03. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.3.1):
Several improvements have been implemented:
Jan 31. 2006 (FeynHiggs2.3.0beta):
Several improvements have been implemented:
June 22. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.10):
Higgs production cross sections at Tevatron and LHC evaluated in the effective coupling approximation. SM cross sections taken from here (Fabio Maltoni, Scott Willenbrock).
Bug removed in the evaluation of A-stau-stau and A-sbottom-sbottom (thanks go to Uli Martyn).
Result output on the screen is automatically piped to less.

May 30. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.9):
Flags are now optional. Default values are 40020211 (corresponding to the best evaluation in the real MSSM). If you want any flag differently, you have to give all the flags.
Bug in SLHA mode (output of SUSY masses) removed, PDG codes aligned.

Apr. 25. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.8beta):
Delta mb is now complex also in the output (so far only internally a complex Delta mb was used).
This results in a slightly different structure of FHGetPara. If you are using FHGetPara, you have to update your call.
The evaluated uncertainties are now also written out with the SUSY Les Houches Accord. The names of the new blocks are DMASS and DALPHA.
The Kallen function has been made stable against weird cases (thanks go to Bjarte Mohn).
Slight inconsistency in BR evaluation for decays to neutralinos removed (Calculation of decay widths was ok).

Mar. 11. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.7beta):
SLHA readout improved.
Environment variable FHDEBUG introduced for easier debugging.
More detailed error messages (due to unphyiscal parameters) in the two-loop part included.

Mar. 03. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.6beta):
This is the FeynHiggs version for the CMS PTDR. For more information go here.
The debug level can be changed now without recompiling. Corresponding man pages are provided.
Fortran bug in the decay H+ → top bottom removed.

Feb. 28. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.5beta):
Definition of Delta mb for Higgs decays has been changed back as in FeynHiggs2.1. Intermediate versions might show inconsistencies for Higgs decays to bottom quarks.
More options for configure, especially concerning the SLHA output (try ./configure --help).
The structure of FHGetPara has changed! If you use this function, your call has to be modified to match the new version.

Feb. 08. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.4beta):
A Fortran bug in SLHA implementation removed.

Jan. 26. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.3beta):
A Fortran bug in FHCouplings removed.
Call for FHConstraints changed, including a new experimental feature. Use at your own risk! This feature will be updated soon.
configure improved.

Jan. 13. 2005 (FeynHiggs2.2.2beta):
Man pages for FHConstraints and FHUncertainties included.
Mathematica Front-end updated.
configure improved.

Dec. 22. 2004 (FeynHiggs2.2.1beta)
The theory error of the Higgs masses and mixing angles due to unknown higher-order corrections are evaluated (this feature has not been tested thoroughly yet). The error evaluation follows the description in hep-ph/0212020, including also three-loop uncertainties from the scalar top and bottom sector.

Dec. 20. 2004 (FeynHiggs2.2beta):
The syntax of FHCouplings has changed.
All SM Higgs couplings are evaluated.
Online results are availabe via FHUCC.

Nov. 24. 2004 (FeynHiggs2.2beta):
The code has been rewritten to a large extend to optimize speed and accuracy. This includes modified calls for the evaluation of the branching ratios.
The remaining O(αs αb) corrections have been included (thanks go to Pietro Slavich), which can yield non-negligible contributions for large (-mu) and tan beta. The corrections are taken from hep-ph/0206101 (A. Bringnole, G. Degrassi, P. Slavich, F. Zwirner)
The remaining O(αt αb) and O(αb2) corrections have been included (thanks go to Pietro Slavich), which can yield non-negligible contributions for large (-mu) and tan beta. The corrections are taken from hep-ph/0305127 (A. Dedes, G. Degrassi, P. Slavich)
A new routine for the SLHA has been implemented, see hep-ph/0408283 (by T. Hahn)

Apr. 07. 2004 (FeynHiggs2.1):
The two-loop routines have been improved to behave more stable in extreme scenarios in the cMSSM.
The integration routines for off-shell decays avoid possibly infinite loops that could have occured before in extreme parameter points.

Feb. 24. 2004 (FeynHiggs2.1beta):
FeynHiggs should compile better now also with all versions of g77.
The man pages (especially concerning the flags) have been made more clear. Preferred choices are indicated (thanks go to James Haestier).

Feb. 13. 2004 (FeynHiggs2.1beta):
The evaluation of (g-2)mu at the two-loop level has been added, see hep-ph/0312264 (by S. Heinemeyer, D. Stöckinger, G. Weiglein) for details. The default version contains only the leading corrections at the two-loop level. To install all corrections the additional package gm2.uu is needed. Put it in your FeynHiggs home directory, unpack it with csh gm2.uu and follow the instructions in the README.
FeynHiggs now also runs independently of LoopTools again. The decay widths Gamma(h → gamma gamma) and Gammma(h → gg) are evaluated to zero if LoopTools is not installed.
The man pages (especially concerning setmudim) have been made more clear (thanks go to Gudrun Hiller).

Nov. 24. 2003 (FeynHiggs2.1beta):
The charged Higgs decays are now also included (but not thoroughly tested yet). Give it a try :-)
The man pages (libFH.1) have been updated. The information about ffini was missing so far (thanks go to Markus Schumacher).

Nov. 16. 2003 (FeynHiggs2.1beta):
A bug in the evaluation of Higgs → cc has been fixed (thanks go to Matthew Wood).

Nov. 14. 2003 (FeynHiggs2.1beta):
Implementation of all neutral Higgs boson decay channels, additional Higgs gauge boson and Higgs self couplings. The production cross section of a Higgs boson at a gamma gamma Collider is also evaluated.
A new flag has been introduced that allows to switch between on-shell and DRbar values of the stop/sbottom sector parameters.
The SPS benchmark scenarios and the Les Houches benchmark scenarios for the Higgs boson search at hadron colliders (see hep-ph/0202167 (M. Carena, S. Heinemeyer, C. Wagner, G. Weiglein)) are given as predefined input.
Processing of Les Houches Accord data is possible.

Apr. 28. 2003 (FeynHiggs2.0.2):
A bug in the frontend has been removed. The bug resulted in a mix-up between the different triliner couplings At, Ab, Atau. (The call within Mathematica, however, was ok.)

Apr. 24. 2003 (FeynHiggs2.0.1):
Definiton of Delta mb has been changed. Now the complex one is used for masses and couplings. The new Delta mb also contains by default (besides the strong) the electroweak contribution.

Apr. 14. 2003 (FeynHiggs2.0):
A bug in configure has been removed, now ABTools is linked properly.

Mar. 31. 2003 (FeynHiggs2.0):
FeynHiggs2.0 is available.
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