FHSetSLHA - set the FeynHiggs parameters from SLHA data

       #include "SLHA.h"

       integer error
       double complex slhadata(nslhadata)

       subroutine FHSetSLHA(error, slhadata)


       FHSetSLHA  is  the companion routine to FHSetPara.  It extracts the pa-
       rameters for FeynHiggs from SUSY Les Houches Accord  (SLHA)  data.   In
       Fortran, it reads the data from the slhadata array used by the SLHA li-
       brary (see hep-ph/0605049), in Mathematica it reads the data  from  the
       SLHA  file  directly.   As with FHSetPara, the flags must have been set
       before with FHSetFlags.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line number in SetSLHA.F  from
              which the error message was emitted.

       slhadata (input)
              the SLHA data structure.  The slhadata array should never be ac-
              cessed directly, but only through the  preprocessor  macros  de-
              fined in SLHA.h.

       slhafile (input)
              the name of the file from which to read the SLHA data.


                                  14-May-2012                     FHSETSLHA(1)