FHGetTLPara  - retrieves parameters used in the internal computation of
       the neutral Higgs masses in FeynHiggs

       integer error
       double precision MSb(2), MbSL2
       double complex USb(2,2), Deltab

       subroutine FHGetTLPara(error, MSb, USb, MbSL2, Deltab)


       FHGetTLPara returns the sfermion parameters used in the one-loop compu-
       tation  of the neutral Higgs masses such that these are consistent with
       the two-loop parts.

       Do not use this function unless you know precisely what you are doing.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the  line  number  in  GetTLPara.F
              from which the error message was emitted

       MSb (output)
              the sbottom masses

       USb (output)
              the sbottom mixing matrix

       MbSL2 (output)
              the  doublet  squark  soft-breaking mass squared for the sbottom
              including corrections

       Deltab (output)
              the correction to the bottom Yukawa coupling, Delta_b.


                                  19-Apr-2012                   FHGETTLPARA(1)