FHSetFlags - set the FeynHiggs flags

       integer error
       integer mssmpart, higgsmix, p2approx, looplevel, loglevel
       integer runningMT, botResum, tlCplxApprox

       subroutine FHSetFlags(error,
         mssmpart, higgsmix, p2approx, looplevel, loglevel,
         runningMT, botResum, tlCplxApprox)

       FHSetFlags[mssmpart, higgsmix, p2approx, looplevel, loglevel,
         runningMT, botResum, tlCplxApprox]

       FHSetFlags  sets the flags for FeynHiggs.  It must be called before any
       other FeynHiggs function.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line number in SetFlags.F from
              which the error message was emitted

       mssmpart = 0..4 (input)
              specifies the scope of the calculation:
              0: MT^4-approximation
              1: top/stop-sector
              2: top/stop- + bottom/sbottom-sector
              3: full (s-)quark/lepton-sector
              4: full MSSM
              recommended: 4

       higgsmix = 1..3 (input)
              determines the mixing in the Higgs sector:
              1: All non-diagonal (ND) Self Energies = 0
              2: All CP-violating ND Self Energies = 0
              3: Full 3x3 mixing in the neutral sector
              This means:
              2: evaluation in the rMSSM
              3: evaluation in the cMSSM

       p2approx = 0..4 (input)
              determines the approximation for the 1-loop result:
              0:  None,  i.e.  full determination of the propagator matrices's
                 UHiggs is evaluated at p^2 = m^2
              1: p^2 = 0 approximation
              2: All self energies are calculated at p^2 = m_tree^2
              3: imaginary parts of self-energies are discarded
              4: as 0, but with UHiggs evaluated at p^2 = 0
              recommended: 4

       looplevel = 0..2 (input)
              determines the inclusion of higher-order corrections:
              0: tree level
              1: one-loop contributions only
              2: include various two-loop contributions
              recommended: 2

       loglevel = 0..4 (input)
              determines the inclusion of log resummations:
              0: no log resummation
              1: NLL resummation (for large MSUSY)
              2: NLL resummation (for large MCha,MNeu,MGlu,MSUSY)
              3: NNLL resummation (for large MCha,MNeu,MGlu,MSUSY)
              4: NNLL resummation using THDM as EFT
              recommended: 3

       runningMT = 0..3 (input)
              determines which top mass shall be used in the 1-/2-loop correc-
              0: pole MT
              1: running MT (SM MSbar 2L)
              2: running MT (SM MSbar 1L)
              3: running MT (MSSM DRbar)
              recommended: 1

       botResum = 0..1 (input)
              determines  whether  the  O(tan beta^n) corrections shall be re-
              0: no resummation
              1: 1L resummation
              2: 1L resummation for Higgs self-energies,  2L  resummation  for
              Higgs decays
              recommended: 2

       tlCplxApprox = 0..3 (input)
              determines how the two-loop corrections are treated in the pres-
              ence of complex parameters (cMSSM):
              0: all corrections are evaluated in the rMSSM
              1: only the cMSSM a_s a_t corrections are used
              2: the cMSSM a_s a_t corrections are combined with the remaining
                 corrections in the rMSSM
              3: the cMSSM a_s a_t corrections are combined with the remaining
                 corrections, interpolated in the complex phases (cf. FHSelec-
              recommended for evaluation in the rMSSM: 0
              recommended for evaluation in the cMSSM: 3


                                  30-Jan-2018                    FHSETFLAGS(1)