FHGetPara  -  retrieves (some of) the MSSM parameters computed from the
       input values by FHSetPara

       integer error, nmfv
       double precision MSf(2,5,3), MASf(6,5), MCha(2), MNeu(4)
       double complex USf(2,2,5,3), UASf(6,6,5)
       double complex UCha(2,2), VCha(2,2), ZNeu(4,4)
       double complex Deltab
       double precision MGl
       double precision MHtree(4), SAtree
       double precision AlfasMT

       subroutine FHGetPara(error, nmfv, MSf, USf, MASf, UASf,
         MCha, UCha, VCha, MNeu, ZNeu, Deltab, MGl,
         MHtree, SAtree, AlfasMT)


       FHGetPara returns the sfermion, chargino,  and  neutralino  masses  and
       mixing  matrices, and the correction to MB which were computed from the
       input parameters by FHSetPara(1).  The flags and parameters  must  have
       been set before with FHSetFlags(1) and FHSetPara(1).

       error (output)
              zero  if successful, otherwise the line number in GetPara.F from
              which the error message was emitted

       nmfv (output)
              bit t = 1..4 indicates whether non-minimal flavour violation  is
              active for sfermion type t: nu, e, u, d.

       MSf(s,t,g) (output)
              the MFV sfermion masses, where
              s = 1..2  sfermion index
              t = 1..5  sfermion type: nu, e, u, d, d-resummed
              g = 1..3  generation index

       USf(s1,s2,t,g) (output)
              the MFV sfermion mixing matrices, where
              s1 = 1..2  sfermion index (enumerates mass eigenstates)
              s2 = 1..2  sfermion index (enumerates gauge eigenstates)
              t  = 1..5  sfermion type: nu, e, u, d, d-resummed
              g  = 1..3  generation index

       MASf(as,t) (output)
              the NMFV sfermion masses, where
              as = 1..6  sfermion index
              t  = 1..4  sfermion type: nu, e, u, d

       UASf(as1,as2,t) (output)
              the sfermion mixing matrices, where
              as1 = 1..6  sfermion index (enumerates mass eigenstates)
              as2 = 1..6  sfermion index (enumerates gauge eigenstates)
              t   = 1..4  sfermion type: nu, e, u, d

       MCha(c) (output)
              the chargino masses, where
              c  = 1..2  chargino index

       UCha(c1,c2), VCha(c1,c2) (output)
              the chargino mixing matrices, where
              c1 = 1..2  chargino index (enumerates mass eigenstates)
              c2 = 1..2  chargino index (enumerates gauge eigenstates)

       MNeu(n) (output)
              the neutralino masses, where
              n  = 1..4  neutralino index

       ZNeu(n1,n2) (output)
              the neutralino mixing matrix, where
              n1 = 1..4  neutralino index (enumerates mass eigenstates)
              n2 = 1..4  neutralino index (enumerates gauge eigenstates)

       Deltab (output)
              the correction to the bottom Yukawa coupling, Delta_b.

       MGl (output)
              the gluino mass.

       MHtree (output)
              the tree-level Higgs masses.

       SAtree (output)
              the tree-level sin(alpha).

       AlfasMT (output)
              the value of alpha_s at MT.


                                  26-Dec-2016                     FHGETPARA(1)