FHFlavour - evaluate flavour observables

       integer error
       double precision bsgammaMSSM, bsgammaSM
       double precision deltaMsMSSM, deltaMsSM
       double precision bsmumuMSSM, bsmumuSM

       subroutine FHFlavour(error,
         bsgammaMSSM, bsgammaSM,
         deltaMsMSSM, deltaMsSM,
         bsmumuMSSM, bsmumuSM)


       FHFlavour  evaluates flavour observables which are used as further con-
       straints on the MSSM parameter space.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line number in Flavour.F  from
              which the error message was emitted.

       bsgammaMSSM, bsgammaSM (output)
              the values of B -> X_s gamma in the MSSM and SM,

       deltaMsMSSM, deltaMsSM (output)
              the values of Delta Ms in the MSSM and SM.

       bsmumuMSSM, bsmumuSM
              the values of Bs -> mu+ mu- in the MSSM and SM (coming soon).


                                  1-May-2011                      FHFLAVOUR(1)