FHSLHARecord  - initialize a FeynHiggs Record from SLHA data.  Possible
       pre-existing values are overwritten.

       #include "FHRecord.h"
       #include "SLHA.h"

       integer error
       double complex slhadata(nslhadata)

       subroutine FHSLHARecord(error, record, slhadata)

       record = FHSLHARecord[slhafile]

       FHSLHARecord initializes a FeynHiggs Record from SLHA data.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line  number  in  SLHARecord.F
              from which the error message was emitted.

       record (output)
              the FeynHiggs Record.

       slhadata (input)
              the data in SLHA format.

       slhafile (input)
              the file contaning the SLHA data.


                                  10-May-2011                  FHSLHARECORD(1)