FHRetrieveNMFV - retrieve the non-minimal flavour-violating parameters

       integer error
       double complex deltaQLL12, deltaQLL23, deltaQLL13
       double complex deltaULR12, deltaULR23, deltaULR13
       double complex deltaURL12, deltaURL23, deltaURL13
       double complex deltaURR12, deltaURR23, deltaURR13
       double complex deltaDLR12, deltaDLR23, deltaDLR13
       double complex deltaDRL12, deltaDRL23, deltaDRL13
       double complex deltaDRR12, deltaDRR23, deltaDRR13

       subroutine FHRetrieveNMFV(error,
         deltaQLL12, deltaQLL23, deltaQLL13,
         deltaULR12, deltaULR23, deltaULR13,
         deltaURL12, deltaURL23, deltaURL13,
         deltaURR12, deltaURR23, deltaURR13,
         deltaDLR12, deltaDLR23, deltaDLR13,
         deltaDRL12, deltaDRL23, deltaDRL13,
         deltaDRR12, deltaDRR23, deltaDRR13)


       FHRetrieveNMFV  retrieves  the non-minimal flavour-violating parameters
       from FeynHiggs.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line  number  in  RetrieveFV.F
              from which the error message was emitted

       deltaFXYij, F = Q,U,D, XY = LL,LR,RL,RR, ij = 12,23,13 (output)
              the off-diagonal entries of the squark mass matrices, divided by
              the corresponding SUSY-breaking parameters.  Some examples:
                 Md^2(2,3) = deltaQLL23 M2SQ M3SQ
                 Md^2(1,5) = deltaDLR12 M1SQ M2SD
                 Md^2(4,6) = deltaDRR13 M1SD M3SD
              where Md^2 is the down-type sfermion mass matrix.   The  up-type
              matrix  is filled analogously (with MgSU instead of MgSD) but is
              finally rotated with the CKM matrix.


                                  30-May-2012                FHRETRIEVENMFV(1)