FHGetNMFV - retrieves the NMFV sfermion parameters

       integer error
       double complex MSS2(3,3,5), Kf(3,3,2:4)

       subroutine FHGetNMFV(error, MSS2, Kf)


       FHGetNMFV  returns  the NMFV SUSY breaking parameters computed from the
       deltas set by FHSetNMFV(1) and FHSetLFV(1).  In the MFV case,  the  ma-
       trices are returned in the same way only that they are diagonal.

       error (output)
              zero  if successful, otherwise the line number in GetNMFV.F from
              which the error message was emitted

       MSS2   the 3x3 sfermion mass parameter matrices, where the  last  index
              runs  over  1 = slepton doublet, 2 = slepton singlet, 3 = squark
              doublet, 4 = up-type squark singlet, 5 = down-type  squark  sin-

       Kf     the  3x3 trilinear coupling matrices multiplied with the fermion
              mass, i.e. Kf = mf Af, where the last index runs over 2 =  slep-
              ton, 3 = up-type squark, 4 = down-type squark.


                                  31-May-2012                     FHGETNMFV(1)