FHRetrieveRecord  -  fill a FeynHiggs Record from the FeynHiggs parame-
       ters currently set

       #include "FHRecord.h"

       integer error, iX

       subroutine FHRetrieveRecord(error, record, iX)

       record = FHRetrieveRecord[record, iX]

       FHRetrieveRecord retrieves the currently set FeynHiggs  parameters  and
       stores  them in a FeynHiggs Record, in the field iX (iX = iVar, iLower,
       iUpper).  This subroutine works like a combination of FHRetrieveSMPara,
       FHRetrievePara, and FHRetrieveNMFV except that the input parameters are
       taken from the FeynHiggs Record.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the  line  number  in  RetrieveRe-
              cord.F from which the error message was emitted.

       record (input/output)
              the FeynHiggs Record.

       iX (input)
              the slot into which to fill the data: iVar, iLower, or iUpper.


                                  1-May-2011               FHRETRIEVERECORD(1)