FHGetSMPara  - retrieves the SM parameters computed from the input val-
       ues by FHSetSMPara

       integer error
       double complex CKM(3,3)
       double precision DeltaAlfa

       subroutine FHGetSMPara(error, CKM, DeltaAlfa)


       FHGetSMPara returns the parameters computed from the  input  parameters
       by FHSetSMPara(1).

       error (output)
              zero  if  successful,  otherwise  the line number in GetSMPara.F
              from which the error message was emitted

       CKM (output)
              the CKM matrix

       DeltaAlfa (output)
              the (leptonic plus five-flavor hadronic) Delta alpha.


                                  25-Jan-2017                   FHGETSMPARA(1)