FHReadRecord - read a parameter file into a FeynHiggs Record

       #include "FHRecord.h"
       #include "SLHA.h"

       integer error
       double complex slhadata(nslhadata)
       character*(*) file

       subroutine FHReadRecord(error, record, slhadata, file)

       record = FHReadRecord[file]

       FHReadRecord reads a parameter file in SLHA or FeynHiggs' "native" for-
       mat into a FeynHiggs Record.  Possible pre-existing  values  are  over-

       error (output)
              0 if successful (SLHA file, slhadata filled),
              2 if successful (FH file, slhadata not filled),
              otherwise  the  line number in ReadRecord.F from which the error
              message was emitted.

       record (output)
              the record.

       file (input)
              the parameter file name.


                                  1-May-2011                   FHREADRECORD(1)