FHAddSelf - register user-defined shifts for the Higgs self-energies

       integer error, rotate
       double complex sig(13)

       integer h0h0, HHHH, A0A0, HmHp
       integer h0HH, h0A0, HHA0
       integer G0G0, h0G0, HHG0, A0G0
       integer GmGp, HmGp
       parameter (h0h0 = 1, HHHH = 2, A0A0 = 3, HmHp = 4)
       parameter (h0HH = 5, h0A0 = 6, HHA0 = 7)
       parameter (G0G0 = 8, h0G0 = 9, HHG0 = 10, A0G0 = 11)
       parameter (GmGp = 12, HmGp = 13)

       subroutine FHAddSelf(error, sig, rotate)

       FHAddSelf[{sig[h0h0], ..., sig[HmGp]}, rotate]

       FHAddSelf  allows  the  user to register shifts in the Higgs self-ener-
       gies, to be used in the computation of the Higgs masses and mixings  in
       FHHiggsCorr(1).   The  flags  and  parameters must have been set before
       with FHSetFlags(1) and FHSetPara(1).

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line number in AddSelf.F  from
              which the error message was emitted

       sig(h0h0), sig(HHHH), sig(A0A0), sig(HmHp) (input)
              the h0, HH, A0, and Hp self-energy shifts.

       sig(h0HH), sig(h0A0), sig(HHA0) (input)
              the h0-HH, h0-A0, and HH-A0 mixing self-energy shifts.

       sig(G0G0), sig(h0G0), sig(HHG0), sig(A0G0) (input)
              the neutral Goldstone self-energy shifts.

       sig(GmGp), sig(HmGp) (input)
              the charged Goldstone self-energy shifts.

       rotate (input)
              a  flag  determining whether to rotate the CP-even self-energies
              with the (tree-level) angle alpha, i.e.  if  rotate  !=  0,  the
              h0h0, HHHH, and h0HH elements of the input array sig are respec-
              tively  assumed  to  contain  the  Phi1-Phi1,   Phi2-Phi2,   and
              Phi1-Phi2 shifts.


                                  9-Jul-2010                      FHGETSELF(1)