FHOutputSLHA  - fill SLHA data structure from FeynHiggs inputs and out-

       #include "SLHA.h"

       integer error
       double complex slhadata(nslhadata)
       integer key

       subroutine FHOutputSLHA(error, slhadata, key)

       FHOutputSLHA[slhafile, key]

       FHOutputSLHA adds FeynHiggs inputs and outputs to the given SLHA  data,
       depending on the bits set in key.

       error (output)
              zero  if  successful,  otherwise the line number in OutputSLHA.F
              from which the error message was emitted.

       slhadata (input/output)
              the SLHA data

       slhafile (input)
              the name of the file to which to write the SLHA data.

       key (input)
              a bit-wise encoding of which parts to fill:
              bit 0 (1) = input parameters (FHRetrievePara),
              bit 1 (2) = derived parameters (FHGetPara),
              bit 2 (4) = Higgs masses and mixings (FHHiggsCorr),
              bit 3 (8) = uncertainties (FHUncertainties),
              bit 4 (16) = decay widths and branching ratios (FHCouplings),
              bit 5 (32) = the 'fast' flag of FHCouplings,
              bit 6 (64) = electroweak constraints (FHConstraints),
              bit 7 (128) = flavour observables (FHFlavour).
              In case of doubt put key = -1.


                                  14-May-2011                  FHOUTPUTSLHA(1)