FHRetrieveSMPara - retrieve the FeynHiggs SM input parameters

       integer error

       double precision invAlfa0, invAlfaMZ, AlfasMZ, GF
       double precision ME, MU, MD, MM, MC, MS, ML, MB
       double precision MW, MZ, GammaW, GammaZ
       double precision CKMlambda, CKMA, CKMrhobar, CKMetabar

       subroutine FHRetrieveSMPara(error,
         invAlfa0, invAlfaMZ, AlfasMZ, GF,
         ME, MU, MD, MM, MC, MS, ML, MB,
         MW, MZ, GammaW, GammaZ,
         CKMlambda, CKMA, CKMrhobar, CKMetabar)


       FHRetrieveSMPara retrieves the SM inputs from FeynHiggs.

       error (output)
              zero  if successful, otherwise the line number in SetPara.F from
              which the error message was emitted.

       invAlfa0, invAlfaMZ (output)
              the inverse electromagnetic coupling constant at q^2 = 0, MZ^2.

       AlfasMZ (output)
              the strong coupling constant at MZ.

       GF (output)
              the Fermi constant.

       ME, MM, ML (output)
              the on-shell electron, muon, tauon mass.

       MU, MD, MS (output)
              the up, down, and strange quark masses at 2 GeV.

       MC, MB (output)
              the charm mass at MC and bottom mass at MB.

       MW, MZ (output)
              the W and Z masses.

       MW, MZ (output)
              the W and Z widths.

       CKMlambda, CKMA, CKMrhobar, CKMetabar (output)
              the CKM input parameters in Wolfenstein parameterization.


                                  25-Jan-2017             FHRETRIEVESMFLAGS(1)