FHSelectUZ - chooses Higgs mixing and use of resummed masses

       integer error, uzint, uzext, mfeff

       subroutine FHSelectUZ(error, uzint, uzext, mfeff)

       FHSelectUZ[uzint, uzext, mfeff]

       FHSelectUZ  chooses which Higgs mixing to use for internal and external
       Higgs bosons, ie in the couplings and the decay rates, and whether  re-
       summed masses should be used in the couplings.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line number in SelectUZ.F from
              which the error message was emitted.

       uzint (input)
              whether to use no mixing (0), UHiggs (1), or ZHiggs (2) for  in-
              ternal Higgs bosons, i.e. in the couplings.  Default: 1.

       uzext (input)
              whether  to use no mixing (0), UHiggs (1), ZHiggs (2), or a com-
              bination (3) for external Higgs bosons, i.e. in the decay rates.
              The  combination  uses  UHiggs  in the decays available at tree-
              level only and ZHiggs in the one-loop decays.  Default: 3.

       mfeff (input)
              which effective bottom mass to use in the  H0FF,  HpFF,  H0SfSf,
              HpSfSf couplings:
              0: m_b(m_b),             m_t(pole),
              1: m_b(m_b)/|1 + Delta_b|,    m_t(pole)  (default),
              2: m_b(m_H)/|1 + Delta_b|,    m_t(m_H).


                                  25-Sep-2014                    FHSELECTUZ(1)