Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, July 23rd to July 28th, 2012

Speakers, titles and talks

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Plenary talks

M. Aganagic Knots, Mirror Symmetry and Large N Duality pdf
F. Alday Mixed correlators in N=4 SYM pdf
L. Anderson New Aspects of Heterotic Geometry and Phenomenology pdf
I. Antoniadis Aspects of string phenomenology in the new LHC era pdf
N. Arkani-Hamed Scattering Amplitudes and the Positive Grassmannian pdf
C. Bachas AdS4/CFT3 and Gravity Localization pdf
R. Bousso Black Holes and Firewalls pdf
F. Cachazo Gravity in Twistor Space pdf
J. Carrasco Generic multiloop methods for gauge and gravity scattering amplitudes, a guided tour with pedagogic aspiration key pdf
A. Castro Path integrals in 3D gravity key pdf
M. Cvetič Non-perturbative Effects in F-theory Compactifications ppt pdf
T. Dimofte Class R: A User's Guide key pdf
S. Dimopoulos What has the LHC done to Theory? pdf
B. Freivogel Predictions from Eternal Inflation pdf
M. Gaberdiel Minimal Model Holography key pdf
D. Gaiotto Domain walls and RG flows pdf
C. Gomez Black holes as graviton condensates at the critical point of a quantum phase transition pdf
D. Gross Outlook and Vision pdf
J. Heckman Covariant Non-Commutative Geometry From String Theory pdf
G. Horowitz Why General Relativity is like a High Temperature Superconductor pptx pdf
N. Iqbal Friedel oscillations and horizon charge in 1D holographic liquids pptx pdf
S. Kachru New Horizons in Finite Density Field Theory and String Theory pdf
A. Karch Recent Applications of the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence to QCD and Condensed Matter Physics ppt pdf
Z. Komargodski Comments on the Renormalization Group and Diverse Applications pdf
S. Kortner Status and latest results of the LHC pdf
C. Kounnas Non-singular Superstring Cosmologies pdf
J. Maldacena Constraining theories with higher spin symmetry pptx pdf
H. Nicolai Alternative approaches to quantum gravity: a brief survey pdf
H.P. Nilles Heterotic supersymmetry: the legacy of D=10 and N=4 pdf
H. Ooguri Conference Summary pdf
A. Polyakov Quantum Instability of the de Sitter space pptx pdf
E. Rabinovici (In) Stabilities and complementarity in AdS/CFT ppt pdf
L. Rastelli Bootstrapping the Superconformal Index pdf
O. Schlotterer Hidden simplicity in superstring amplitudes pdf
J. Schwarz Opening Lecture (I) pdf
N. Seiberg Chern-Simons Contact Terms pdf
E. Silverstein RG and unitarity in spacetime-dependent QFT pdf
A. Strominger Progress in dS/CFT pptx pdf
A. Uranga Update on string phenomenology pdf
C. Vafa Topological Strings and Their Diverse Applications ppt pdf
G. Veneziano Opening Lecture (II) key pdf
E. Witten Superstring Perturbation Theory Revisited pdf
M. Yamazaki Networks, Quivers and 3-manifolds pdf
X. Yin Higher Spin Holography pdf
B. Zwiebach Glimpses of Double Field Theory Geometry pdf

Gongshow talks

S. Massai Anti-D3's - Singular to the bitter end pdf
D. Klevers Fluxes and Warping in F-Theory pdf
K. Lee Ramond-Ramond Cohomology and O(D,D) T-duality pdf
P. Patalong Non-geometric fluxes in higher dimensions pdf
A. Deser In a hurry to non-associative structures pdf
M. Huang Refined topological string pdf
A. Lipstein Scattering Amplitudes in Three Dimensions pdf
A. Puhm Metastable Fuzzballs pdf
D. Harlow The Wave Function of the Universe in Higher Spin Gravity pdf
A. Gnecchi Duality invariance for black holes in N=2 gauged Supergravity key pdf
P. Sulkowski Super-A-polynomial pdf
E. Hatefi All-order α' corrections to BPS/non-BPS brane world volume theories pdf

Public talks

R. Heuer Die „Weltmaschine“ LHC am CERN – Einblicke in das frühe Universum pptx pdf
E. Witten String Theory And The Universe pdf
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