Amplitudes 2013
Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, April 28th to May 3rd, 2013

Speakers, titles and talks

P. Mastrolia Workshop Opening pdf

S. Badger An integrand reduction method for multi-loop amplitudes pdf
J. Broedel Polylogarithms, Multiple Zeta Values, Worldsheet Integrals and the Drinfeld Associator pdf
A. Brandhuber Amplitudes and Form Factors in ABJM pdf
S. Caron-Huot Quantum field theory on light cones and Regge limits pdf
J. Carrasco Deconstructing supergravity: color-kinematics, lower-supersymmetry, and anomalies pdf key
L. Dixon Bootstraps Old and New pdf pptx
C. Duhr Leading singularities, single-valued polylogarithms and the three-loop four-point correlator in N=4 SYM pdf
B. Feng The reduction of two-loop amplitudes pdf
H. Gangl Functional equations for multiple polylogarithms pdf
W. Hollik Collider physics and the need for precision calculations pdf
T. Huber The four-loop cusp anomalous dimension in N=4 SYM pdf
H. Johansson Excursions into D=3 and D=5: BLG, ABJM, SYM and SUGRA pdf
G. Korchemsky From amplitudes to physical observables in N=4 SYM pdf
D. Kosower Maximal Unitarity at Two Loops pptx
G. Luisoni GoSam: automated multi-process scattering at one loop pdf
E. Mirabella Integrand reduction from multivariate polynomial division pdf
M. Paulos Loops and Splines pdf
R. Pittau Exploiting four dimensional finiteness in Quantum Field Theory pdf
J. Plefka A spectral parameter for scattering amplitudes in N=4 SYM pdf
V. Schomerus Integrability in the Multi-Regge Regime pdf pptx
A. Sever The Space-time S-matrix and the Flux-tube S-matrix at Finite Coupling pdf
D. Skinner Twistor Strings for N=8 Supergravity pdf key
T.R. Taylor Superstring Amplitudes as a Mellin Transform of Supergravity pdf
J. Trnka Locality and Unitarity from Positivity pdf
A. Volovich Motivic Amplitudes and Cluster Algebras pdf
S. Weinzierl Loop integrals beyond multiple polylogarithms pdf
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