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Foto Dieter Lüst

Director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik
Chair for Mathematical Physics at the LMU München

    Research interests
  • Non-perturbative Effects in String Theory, the Role and Manifestation of Duality Symmetries (T-Duality, S-Duality) in String Theory and M-theory and the Comparison of Non-perturbative Effects and Duality Symmetries in String Theory and Field Theory.
  • The Formulation of (Four-dimensional) Strings on Non-trivial Backgrounds and D-Brane World Models.
  • The Low-energy Effective Action of Four-dimensional Strings, the Problem of Space-time Supersymmetry Breaking, `Phenomenological' Aspects of Four-dimensional Strings.
  • Various Problems in Gauge Theories and Gravity.
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