FHUncertainties  -  estimate the uncertainties for the Higgs masses and

       integer error
       double precision DeltaMHiggs(4)
       double complex DeltaSAeff, DeltaUHiggs(3,3), DeltaZHiggs(3,3)

       subroutine FHUncertainties(error, DeltaMHiggs, DeltaSAeff,
         DeltaUHiggs, DeltaZHiggs)


       FHUncertainties computes estimates for the Higgs  masses  and  mixings.
       Currently, three effects are taken into account:
       a) the variation of the renormalization scale from MT/2 to 2 MT,
       b) the use of MTpole instead of MTrun in the two-loop corrections (only
          if the tl_running_mt flag is set, of course), and
       c) the exclusion of higher-order resummation effects in MB.

       error (output)
              zero if successful, otherwise the line number in Uncertainties.F
              from which the error message was emitted.

       DeltaMHiggs (output)
              the uncertainties of the Higgs masses,

       DeltaSAeff (output)
              the uncertainty of the sine of the effective Higgs mixing angle,

       DeltaUHiggs (output)
              the (component-wise) uncertainties of the Higgs mixing matrix,

       DeltaZHiggs (output)
              the (component-wise) uncertainties of the Z-factor matrix,


                                  2-Oct-2007                FHUNCERTAINTIES(1)