FHRetrieveOSPara  -  retrieve  all on-shell input parameters from Feyn-

       integer error
       double precision scalefactor
       double precision AlfasMZ, MC, MT, MB, MW, MZ
       double precision TB, MA0, MHp
       double precision M3SL, M3SE, M3SQ, M3SU, M3SD
       double precision M2SL, M2SE, M2SQ, M2SU, M2SD
       double precision M1SL, M1SE, M1SQ, M1SU, M1SD
       double complex MUE, M_1, M_2, M_3
       double complex At, Ab, Atau, Ac, As, Amu, Au, Ad, Ae

       subroutine FHRetrievePara(error, scalefactor,
         AlfasMZ, MC, MT, MB, MW, MZ,
         TB, MA0, MHp,
         M3SL, M3SE, M3SQ, M3SU, M3SD,
         M2SL, M2SE, M2SQ, M2SU, M2SD,
         M1SL, M1SE, M1SQ, M1SU, M1SD,
         Atau, At, Ab, Amu, Ac, As, Ae, Au, Ad,
         M_1, M_2, M_3)


       FHRetrieveOSPara retrieves the on-shell  input  parameters  from  Feyn-

       error (output)
              zero   if   successful,   otherwise   the  line  number  in  Re-
              trieveOSPara.F from which the error message was emitted.

       scalefactor (output)
              the renormalization scale is MT times the scalefactor.

       AlfasMZ (output)
              the strong coupling constant at MZ.

       MC, MT, MB, MW, MZ (output)
              the charm, top, bottom, W, and Z masses, respectively.

       TB (output)
              tan(beta), the ratio of the vacuum expectation values.

       MA0, MHp (output)
              the masses of the CP-odd and charged Higgs,  respectively.   The
              one not used as input parameter is set to -1.

       MgSL, MgSE, MgSQ, MgSU, MgSD, g = 1..3, (output)
              the soft-SUSY breaking parameters for the g-th generation in the
              sfermion sector, specifically: MgSL  for  the  slepton  doublet,
              MgSE  for the slepton singlet, MgSQ for the squark doublet, MgSU
              for the up-type squark  singlet,  and  MgSD  for  the  down-type
              squark singlet.

       MUE (output)
              the Higgs mixing parameter.

       Ae, Amu, Atau, Au, Ac, At, Ad, As, Ab (output)
              the soft-SUSY breaking parameters.
              To give an example (and thus fix the notation) the stop mass ma-
              trix is given by (DT1, DT2 are the D-terms):
                 ( M3SQ^2 + MT^2 + DT1    MT (At^* - MUE/TB)  )
                 ( MT (At - MUE^*/TB)     M3SU^2 + MT^2 + DT2 )

       M_1, M_2, M_3 (output)
              the gaugino mass parameters.


                                  10-May-2011              FHRETRIEVEOSPARA(1)