FHRecordIndex  - translate a parameter name to its index in a FeynHiggs

       integer ind
       character*(*) para

       subroutine FHRecordIndex(ind, para)

       ind = FHRecordIndex[para]

       FHRecordIndex converts a parameter name into the corresponding index in
       a  FeynHiggs  Record,  or  returns  zero if no such name is known.  The
       record   has   four   fields   for   every   index:   record(ind,iVar),
       record(ind,iLower),  record(ind,iUpper),  and record(ind,iStep).  These
       respectively denote a quantity's current, lower, upper,  and  step-size
       value, i.e. define a possible loop over the quantity.

       ind (output)
              the  index into the FeynHiggs Record, or zero if the record con-
              tains no parameter of the given name.

       para (input)
              the parameter name.


                                  1-May-2011                  FHRECORDINDEX(1)