FHLoopRecord - advance the loops contained in a FeynHiggs Record

       #include "FHRecord.h"

       integer error

       subroutine FHLoopRecord(error, record)

       record = FHLoopRecord[record]

       FHLoopRecord  advances  the loops implied by a FeynHiggs Record or else
       signals that all loops have been done.  This subroutine is meant to  be
       called  in  a  loop where it updates the record according to its inter-
       nally defined loops.

       As long as there are further loops in the Record, the  Fortran  routine
       returns  0 and the Mathematica version returns the update Record.  Oth-
       erwise, -1 indicates that all loops have been done, and -2 that the in-
       terpolation failed due to too few points.

       Looping over a record would thus look like

          call FHLoopRecord(error, record)
          do while( error .eq. 0 )
            call FHLoopRecord(error, record)
          if( error .gt. 0 ) stop

       or in Mathematica,

          While[ Head[record = FHLoopRecord[record]] =!= FHRecord,

       error (output)
              zero  if  successful,  -1 if all loops have been done, -2 if the
              interpolation failed due to too few points, otherwise  the  line
              number in LoopRecord.F from which the error message was emitted.

       record (input/output)
              the (updated) record.


                                  1-May-2011                   FHLOOPRECORD(1)