FHHiggsCorr - compute the Higgs masses and mixings

       integer error
       double precision MHiggs(4)
       double complex SAeff, UHiggs(3,3), ZHiggs(3,3)

       subroutine FHHiggsCorr(error, MHiggs, SAeff, UHiggs, ZHiggs)


       FHHiggsCorr  computes  the values of the MSSM Higgs masses according to
       the given parameters and flags.  These must have been set  before  with
       FHSetFlags(1) and FHSetPara(1).

       error (output)
              zero  if  successful,  otherwise  the line number in HiggsCorr.F
              from which the error message was emitted.

       MHiggs (output)
              the Higgs masses, with the correspondences:

              CP-conserving case     CP-violating case
              MHiggs(1) = Mh0        MHiggs(1) = Mh1
              MHiggs(2) = MHH        MHiggs(2) = Mh2
              MHiggs(3) = MA0        MHiggs(3) = Mh3
              MHiggs(4) = MHp        MHiggs(4) = MHp

       SAeff (output)
              the sine of the effective Higgs mixing angle, alpha_eff,

       UHiggs (output)
              the matrix needed to rotate the Higgs mass matrix to its  diago-
              nal form,

       ZHiggs (output)
              the  matrix  of Z-factors needed to combine amplitudes involving
              on-shell Higgs bosons.


                                  2-Oct-2007                    FHHIGGSCORR(1)