Les Houches BMS: Plots

Here you can find several plots that show the behavior of different SUSY Higgs production and decay channels for the four benchmark scenarios proposed for Higgs boson searches at hadron colliders, hep-ph/0202167 (by M. Carena, S. Heinemeyer, C.E.M. Wagner and G. Weiglein).
The plots have been evaluated with FeynHiggs(Decay) and/or subhpole and Hdecay.
The white dots in the plots are excluded by LEP Higgs boson searches. The points without any color, but inside the range

0.5 < tan beta < 50, 50 GeV < MA < 1000 GeV
did not result in physical Higgs boson masses. The color coding shows the relative suppression of a SUSY signal compared to the SM signal (always sigma x BR).
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