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FeynHiggs is a Fortran code for the (diagrammatic/EFT/hybrid) calculation of the masses, mixings and much more of the Higgs bosons in the MSSM with real/complex parameters at the highest level of accuracy.

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Newest version: FeynHiggs2.19.0-beta

Upgrade information:
To upgrade from FeynHiggs2.13.0 to FeynHiggs2.14.0 or higher you have to adjust [FHSetFlags].
To upgrade from FeynHiggs2.12.2 to FeynHiggs2.13.0 or higher you have to adjust FHSetSMPara, and if used also FHGetPara and/or FHConstraints (and possibly use the new [FHEWPO]).
To upgrade from FeynHiggs2.11.3 to FeynHiggs2.12.0 or higher you have to adjust FHSetFlags
(See "what happened/history" below).

Download of the tar.gz-files:
You can download the complete tar.gz-file, containing all files (~11 MB).
Current version for HiggsBounds: FeynHiggs2.8.0 or higher.

Download the executables directly:
You can download the executables directly (version 2.18.0 and others). They are statically linked.
In case you encounter problems with the executables, try to download the full version and do the compilation yourself.

The usage of the program is explained in detail in the man pages contained in the .tar.gz-file. Have a look at the README.

View the man pages online:
[FeynHiggs] [libFH] [MFeynHiggs]
[FHSetFlags] [FHSetFlagsString] [FHSelectIpol] [FHSetSMPara] [FHSetPara] [FHSetNMFV] [FHSetLFV] [FHAddSelf] [FHSetSLHA] [FHSetDebug]
[FHRetrieveFlags] [FHRetrieveFlagsString] [FHRetrieveSMPara] [FHRetrievePara] [FHRetrieveOSPara] [FHRetrieveNMFV] [FHOutput] [FHOutputSLHA]
[FHSelectUZ] [FHGetSMPara] [FHGetPara] [FHGetTLPara] [FHGetNMFV] [FHGetSelf] [FHGetSelfgl]
[FHHiggsCorr] [FHCouplings] [FHUncertainties] [FHHiggsProd] [FHConstraints] [FHEWPO] [FHFlavour]
[FHClearRecord] [FHSetRecord] [FHReadRecord] [FHLoopRecord] [FHSLHARecord] [FHRetrieveRecord] [FHRecordIndex] [FHLoadTable] [FHTableRecord]
You may also want to have a look at the API guide.

Last update: Oct 06, 2022
What happened (FeynHiggs2.19.0): For the full history of FeynHiggs, go here.
In case of problems: First check these web pages: [help #1] [help #2]
Then you can send an email to Sven Heinemeyer, Thomas Hahn and Henning Bahl.
The FeynHiggs team:
[Henning Bahl] [Thomas Hahn] [Sven Heinemeyer] [Wolfgang Hollik] [Sebastian Paßehr] [Heidi Rzehak] [Georg Weiglein]
Former members: [Ivan Sobolev] [Karina Williams]
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