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The whole premise of this site is to force myself and my work into the homes of innocent, unexpecting, otherwise rational humans.
No wait, that's Mark Zuckerberg… I'm
Thomas Hahn

and here's how you can reach me:

Max Planck Institute for Physics
(Werner Heisenberg Institute)
Föhringer Ring 6
D–80805 München
phone: +49 89 32354-208

Some things I'm working on

Am I content? — No, and I hope I never will be.

The day you wake up and everything's perfect – what's left? What direction is there to go? Much better to wake every morning to matters which worry you a bit, affairs that demand your attention and work you feel must get done. These are the things that keep me going. I love to search for solutions, to solve things. I guess you could even say that… Problems make me happy.

Renzo Rosso, Founder and Owner of Diesel

Last modified on 30 Nov 2021.