Dr. Alexander Merle

Senior-Postdoc in the Theory Group group at the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (MPP). Alex is hosted by Dr. habil. Georg Raffelt.

Max-Planck-Institut für Physik
Theory Group
Föhringer Ring 6
80805 München

Room: 347
Phone: +49/89/32354-314

Fax: +49/89/32354-304

Email: amerle (AT) mpp.mpg.de


Research Interests:
  • keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter: (non-thermal) production mechanisms, cosmological consequences, particle physics models & phenomenology
  • Neutrino Physics: Neutrinoless double beta decay, neutrino mass models, neutrino flavour models
  • Collider Physics: radiative neutrino mass models at colliders, connections between neutrino and collider phenomenology
  • Physics beyond the Standard Model: lepton flavour violation, model building
  • Cosmology: WIMP Dark Matter, inflation, dark radiation
  • Mathematical Physics: group theory
  • ...

"Group" (= students currently supervised by me):
  • Tanja Geib (Ph.D. student): working on lepton flavour/number violation

"Alumni" (= students formerly supervised by me):
  • Dr. Maximilian Totzauer (Ph.D. student): Ph.D. Thesis "Sterile Neutrinos from Singlet Scalar Decays: a realistic non-thermal dark matter candidate" (2017); now consultant at McKinsey
  • Michael Volpp (Master student): M.Sc. Thesis "Running of Radiative Neutrino Masses: A Study of the Zee-Babu Model" (2017); now Ph.D. student at Bosch AG
  • Johannes König (Master student): M.Sc. Thesis "keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter from Singlet Scalar Decays" (2016); now Ph.D. student at CP3 Origins, Odense, Denmark
  • Moritz Platscher (Master student): M.Sc. Thesis "Renormalisation of Radiative Neutrino Masses" (2015); now Ph.D. student at MPIK Heidelberg

Lecture series on non-thermal Dark Matter, KAIST, Daejeon, (South) Korea:
Together with my collaborator and astrophysics friend Dr. Aurel Schneider (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), I have given a series of four lectures on Non-thermal Dark Matter. Direct links to my lectures: Lecture 1 & Lecture 2.

My textbook Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter (2017): OUT NOW!!!
This is the first textbook dedicated exclusively to non-thermal Dark Matter in the form of sterile neutrinos. It appeared in the "Concise Physics" series, which is a joint effort by Morgan & Claypool Publishing (print version) and the IOP (ebook version).

Seminar talk at CP3 Origins in Odense, Denmark:
If you give a seminar talk at CP3 Origins, you will get tubed!! See my seminar talk Sterile Neutrinos: Not sooo dark Dark Matter.

White Paper on keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter: OUT NOW!!!
In July 2014, at the NIAPP Workshop, a group of authors has decided to initiate a White Paper on keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter, with me being a member of the editorial committee. This White Paper summarises the current status of the field from all different angles (particle physics/nuclear physics/astrophysics/cosmology as well as theory/experiments/observations), in order to make a case for this Dark Matter candidate particle.

Block Course "Neutrino physics crossing borders - a tale of theory, experiments, colliders, and cosmology":
In April 2015, I have taught a IMPRS block course on neutrino physics at MPP Munich. Some pieces of suggested literature can be found here. If you manage to read my handwriting, please feel free to have a look at my notes:

TEAtime Lecture on Dark Matter:
In 2013, I have given a public lecture on Come to the dark side - We have cookies on Dark Matter, in front of a group of high school students (A-Levels). It seems they liked it!

Review on keV neutrinos:
I have written a big review on keV Neutrino Model Building (Int. J. Mod. Phys. D22 (2013) 1330020), which has turned into a TOPCITE 50+ paper by now. If you are interested, feel free to have a look - it's supposed to be pedagogical!

Inνisibles talk:
In case you are interested, please watch the video of my talk keV Neutrino Model Building, which I presented as a contribution to the Virtual Journal Club of the Invisibles ITN Network.

Together with Roman Zwicky, I have developed the software package and database SUtree, which can be used to investigate finite subgroups of SU(3).

Selected publications and pre-prints (full list can be found at INSPIRE):

Ph.D. thesis:

Diploma thesis:

Selected posters:
"Dark Matter Does Matter": SET for BRITAIN 2014, Poster Competition in the British Parliament, London/UK, 17 March 2014
"The Mysteries of Neutrino Masses: Theory & Phenomenology": Neutrino 2010 Conference, Athens/Greece, 14-19 June 2010
Selected talks:
Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter: Open questions from Models to Pheno, MIAPP Workshop "Neutrinos in Astro- and Particle Physics", Munich/Germany, 18 July 2014
Using Neutrino Mass Sum Rules to realistically probe Flavour Models, FLASY 2014 Workshop, Brighton/UK, 20 June 2014
Explicit and spontaneous breaking of SU(3) into its finite subgroups, Theory Seminar in Theoretical Physics, Siegen/Germany, 28 January 2013
Running of Radiative Neutrino Masses: The Scotogenic Model, Workshop on Multi-Higgs Models 2012, Lisbon/Portugal, 29 August 2012
Neutrino mass and lepton flavour aspects of the Ma-model, Friday Seminar of the SHEP Group, Southampton/UK, 30 October 2009
Why the GSI anomaly cannot be explained by Quantum Beats, SFB Transregio 27 Meeting, Heidelberg, 9 July 2009
Dark Matter in the MSSM (blackboard talk, handwritten notes are available here), Group seminar on Dark Matter, Heidelberg, 8 May 2009