Ringberg Phenomenology Workshop
on Heavy Flavors

April 27 - May 2, 2003

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Travel Guide

Transportation between Munich central train station (main station, Hauptbahnhof) and Ringberg Castle will be provided by a conference bus on Sunday, April 27 and Friday, May 2.

On Sunday the bus "Sareiter's Reisen" will leave from the bus terminal in the Arnulfstrasse next to the central station at 4:30pm (tentative)! Please show up at the bus terminal in time! A few of the organizers will be present.

On Friday the bus will leave Ringberg Castle after lunch at about 1pm.

Important information if you arrive by plane on Sunday, April 27:

You can choose from the following three possibilities to reach Munich main station.

Convenient solution 1:

Take the S-Bahn S1 to central main station. (Follow the green S-signs S in the airport.) It takes about 45 minutes to reach Munich central railway station from the airport.

You can buy your S-Bahn ticket in the hall just before going underground in at the ticket counter or at the ticket machines next to the moving stairs. From the airport to the central station you can either buy a single ticket for 8 Euros or a full day pass for 9 Euros. The day pass might be useful in case you arrive early and plan to look around in Munich before the bus transport. If you want to use the Streifenkarte (ticket stripes) you have to devaluate 8 stripes before you enter the S-bahn.

Convenient solution 2:

Take the Lufthansa Airport Bus which will bring you right to the Munich central railway station. Note that it takes about 45 minutes to reach Munich central railway station from the airport.

A little less comfortable alternative:

Take the S-Bahn S8 to Ostbahnhof (terminal stop on Sundays due to construction work). Go underground and change into the subway U5 (every 10 minutes), direction "Laimer Platz". Get out at "Hauptbahnhof" (5th stop). For ticketing see above.

If you arrive by train:

Easy, just go to the bus terminal from the train tracks.

If you arrive by car:

Travel directions can be obtained here.

What to do if you have missed the bus to Schloss Ringberg or will arrive after Sunday?

The departure time of the bus is firm and there will not be much waiting in case you are late. In case you missed or cannot take the bus take the train BOB 957 on platforms 27-36 (Starnberger Flügelbahnhof) which leaves at 5:34 pm to Tegernsee (and every hour) and let the organizers know by phone to arrange for pick-up at Tegernsee train station. Please have the information which train (time) you will take available when you call from Munich.

Only use the wagon that has the sign "Tegernsee" at the end of the train. The other wagons are decoupled from the train at the stop "Schaftlach". You have to buy the tickes either at the ticket machines on the platform next to the tracks or at the ticket office in the DB Reisezentrum. The ticket needs to be devaluated before you enter the train.

01701821161 (cellular of Thomas Mannel, present at the bus terminal) or
01752022163 (cellular of Andre Hoang, at Ringberg Castle) or
08022-279-0 (Schloss Ringberg, operator)

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