2014/08/27 - Moving to Zaragoza
2014/01/20 - Paper with H. Vogel accepted! "Dark Radiation constraints on minicharged particles in models with a hidden photon"
2013/12/07 - New workshop announced in Perimeter (16-19 June 2014 at Perimeter): "NEW IDEAS IN LOW-ENERGY TESTS OF FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS"
2013/12/07 - My paper with Folkerts and Germani "Axion Dark Matter and Planck favor non-minimal couplings to gravity" accepted for publication in PLB!
The accepted version is a bit longer and comes to the arxiv sooooon!
2013/12/06 - Back from Montpellier, the conference "News from the Dark" ranks most interesting this year!
2013/11/22 - My paper "Solar axion flux from the axion-electron coupling" is published in JCAP (link)
2013/11/22 - Summary of the "Dark matter - a light move" workshop available at 1311.5341
2013/11/19 - 1310.0823 accepted in JCAP!
- 1308.1103 accepted in PRD! on fire!
2013/11/15 - 1311.2600 replaced with refs. you can't miss it!
2013/11/14 - RAMON Y CAJAL contract signed! Starting date May 2014 (september?)
- Nice seminar of Enrico Borriello at MPP, no lorentz violation from two PeV neutrinos at ICECUBE.
- Julia Stadler will start in December to work with us!
2013/11/13 - My new paper with Hendrik Vogel appears on the arxiv without citations.
- Excellent seminar of Craig Lage at LMU.