Invitation to participate in The Loop-Verein

Dear friends,
The high precision which can be reached at TESLA, requires proper control of radiative corrections in the standard model processes. Based on the work which has been done for LEP, the theoretical analyses must be developed further to cope with the increased energy and luminosity at TESLA. This applies to QED processes like Bhabha scattering for luminosity measurements, the genuine electroweak sector such as WW production, jet production in QCD, and many more other processes.
Since LEP operations will terminate soon, it is timely to think about the development of this theoretical programme for TESLA in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new field without any interruption. In accordance with Professor D.J.Miller, Chairman of the ECFA/DESY LC Workshop, we therefore propose to form a theoretical working group, briefly called "The Loop-Verein", in which problems in this context are identified and their solution is coordinated. Even though cross-talk is natural, this group will operate independently of the other WG's of the workshop in which theorists cooperate with experimentalists very closely. To discuss all issues, the Loop-Verein will meet for the first time at the Strasbourg-Obernai session of the ECFA/DESY LC Workshop in parallel to the Detector Working Groups on Monday Oct.18. The meeting will be prepared and coordinated by F.Jegerlehner. Experimental advice will be given to the group by Klaus Moenig (
We would like to invite you to this first meeting of the Loop-Verein in order to help us shape the theoretical programme and to identify your physics interests in this context. Please tell us whether you are interested in this cooperation on theoretical problems of high-precision standard model physics.
Hoping very much to meet you in Strasbourg-Obernai!
With kind regards,

  NB. Since we may not have reached all interested theorists, please circulate this message among your collaborators and friends.

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