Dear friends,
The next meeting of "The Loop Verein" will take place at the ECFA/DESY LC Workshop, Apr 12 to 15, 2002, Saint Malo, France. There are two sessions planed on Saturday, 13 Apr 2001, 9:00 to 10:30 and 16:30 to 19:00 (see).
Program for the "LOOPVEREIN" sessions:

Speaker Title Time
Saturday, Apr 13 09.00-10.30  
F. Jegerlehner/W. Hollik, Welcome, news, plans 25'
Tord Riemann, Topics in top--pair production 20'
Johannes Bümlein, Universal QED Corrections to Polarized Electron Scattering in Higher Orders 20'
Michael Kraemer, NLO Calculations by Numerical Integration 10'
Lidia Kalinovskaya, Update of one-loop corrections for e+e- -> f fbar first run of CalcPHEP system 15'
Saturday, Apr 13 16.30-19.00  
Arnd Brandenburg, Study of gauge and Yukawa couplings in SUSY-QCD at a linear collider 20'
Johann Kühn, New Results on Sudakov Logarithms 20'
Claudio Verzegnassi, Electroweak SUSY Sudakov Logarithms beyond one loop at a TEV LC 20'
Ayres Freitas, NLO corrections to selectron pair production 20'
Stefan Weinzierl, From nested sums to two-loop amplitudes 20'
Markus Roth, On the renormalization and regularization of the MSSM 20'
  Discussion 30'

Hope to seeing you at the Saint Malo workshop.
With best regards, Fred Jegerlehner, Wolfgang Hollik

LoopVerein (precision calculations of high order processes)

Convener SM: Fred Jegerlehner
Convener SUSY: Wolfgang Hollik
Experimental advice: Klaus Moenig .

Fred Jegerlehner
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