Dear friends,
The next meeting of "The Loop Verein" will take place at the ECFA/DESY LC Workshop at Prague, Czech Republic, from 15th to 18th November 2002. There are three sessions planed on Saturday, 16th November 2002 14:00 to 16:00 and 16:30 to 19:00 and on Sunday, 17th November 2002 16:30 to 19:00(see).
Program for the "LOOPVEREIN" sessions:

Speaker Title Time
Saturday, Nov 16 14.00-16.00  
S. Dittmaier/W. Hollik, Welcome, news, plans 30'
Malgorzata Awramik, Two Loop Electroweak Corrections To Muon Decay In The Standard Model 30'
Sven Heinemeyer, Delta rho in the MSSM and the Top Yukawa coupling 20'
Zbigniew Was, Matrix element calculation versus approximate ones: Case of SANC and PHOTOS 20'
Adrian Ghinculov, Recent progress in massive two-loop correction 20'
Saturday, Nov 16 16.30-19.00  
Claudio Verzegnassi, Electroweak SUSY Sudakov Logarithms beyond one loop at a TEV LC 20'
Christian Weber, Improved Electroweak Corrections to A0 → sf1sf2 20'
Mikhail Kalmykov, Full two-loop electroweak corrections to the pole masses of gauge bosons 20'
, ... 20'
, ... 20'
, ... 20'
  Discussion 30'

Hope to seeing you at the Prague workshop.
With best regards, Stefan Dittmaier, Wolfgang Hollik

LoopVerein (precision calculations of high order processes)

Convener SM: Stefan Dittmaier
Convener SUSY: Wolfgang Hollik
Experimental advice: Klaus Moenig .

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