Padova meeting

Dear friends,
The next meeting of "The Loop Verein" will take place at the Padova ECFA/DESY LC Workshop. There are two sessions planed on Saturday, 6 May 2000 15:30 to 16:30 and 17:00 to 19:00 (see).
Program for the "LOOPVEREIN" sessions:

Speaker Title Time
Saturday May 6 15:30-16:30  
F. Jegerlehner, Introduction and summary of Obernai meeting 10'
W. Placzek, YFSWW: a Monte Carlo generator for e+e- -> W+W- -> 4 fermions 20'
M. Roth, RacoonWW: a Monte Carlo generator for e+e- -> W+W- -> 4 fermions 20'
  Discussion 10'
Saturday May 6 17:00-19:00  
S. Weinzierl, Dimensional regularization, gamma5 and K-theory 20'
T. Binoth, An automated subtraction algorithm for infrared divergent multi-loop integrals 20'
M. Melles, Subleading Electroweak Sudakov Logarithms to all orders 20'
G. Weiglein, Two--loop results in $\Delta$r 20'
D. Comelli, Bloch-Nordsieck Violating Electroweak Corrections to Inclusive TeV Scale Hard Processes 20'
  Discussion 20'

Hope to seeing you at the Padova workshop.
With best regards, Fred Jegerlehner

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