Obernai meeting

Dear friends,
The first meeting of "The Loop Verein" will take place at the Strasbourg-Obernai Workshop. There we will meet on Sunday Oct 17 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Since at 4:30 there will be the plenary session on the detector, which some of us might want to attend, I propose to have the second session on Monday 4:00 PM. In total we will have about 4-5 hours available for talks and discussion. There will be a 30' introduction about aim and status on the subject and we should reserve 60' at least for round table discussion. For the remaining 3 hours I expect contributions on recent results. If we plan 20' contributions we could have 9 talks (of course we try to be as flexible as possible).
So far the following contributions have been announced:

Speaker Title Time
Sunday Oct 17 14:00-16:00  
F. Jegerlehner, Introduction and status overview (30')
A. Denner, Radiative corrections to e+e- -> W+W- -> 4 fermions (30')
  Round Table discussion (60')
Monday Oct 18 14:00-15:30  
  Joint Session with Electroweak WG  
P. Ciafaloni, Leading electroweak corrections at the TeV scale (20')
M. Kalmykov, Multi-loop on-shell diagrams with one mass (20')
Monday Oct 18 16:00-19:00  
D. Schildknecht, High-energy cross-section for e+e- -> W+W- -> 4 fermions (+ $\gamma$) (20')
A. Vicini, Status of 1-loop electroweak corrections to e+e- -> 4f (30')
S. Jadach, SM Predictions from precision Monte Carlo for 2f pairs (30')
J. Kühn, Sudakov logarithms in electroweak processes (20')
M. Melles, Resummation of Sudakov logarithms in electroweak processes (20')
S. Weinzierl, QCD corrections to e+e- -> 4 jets (20')
Th. Gehrmann, Jet Physics in e+e-: steps towards NNLO (20')

In particular, we still need reports on Bhabha and on jet physics at the LC!
The round table discussion should address issues like

Those who plan to come to Obernai, please, let me know as soon as possible about a possible contribution at the meeting.
Hope to seeing you at the Strasbourg-Obernai workshop.
With best regards, Fred Jegerlehner

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