Dear friends,
The next meeting of "The Loop Verein" will take place at the Krakow ECFA/DESY LC Workshop, Sep 14 to 18, 2001. There are two sessions planed on Sunday, 16 Sep 2001, 11:15 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 16:15 (see).
Program for the "LOOPVEREIN" sessions:

Speaker Title Time
Sunday Sep 16 11:15-13:00  
F. Jegerlehner/W. Hollik, Welcome, news, plans 20'
Stanislaw Jadach, EW corrections to low angle Bhabha at 800GeV 20'
Karol Kolodziej, Top quark pair production and decay into 6 fermions in e+e- annihilation 20'
Stefan Dittmaier, Theoretical requirements for ee->4f at a linear collider 20'
Bas Tausk, Second order contributions to elastic large-angle Bhabha scattering 10'
  Discussion 10'
Sunday Sep 16 14:30-16:15  
Bennie Ward, Exact O( $\alpha$ 2) results on hard bremsstrahlung for 2f processes at LEP2 and TESLA/LC energies 20'
Mikhail Kalmykov, Pole mass of gauge bosons within SM at two-loop order 20'
Sven Heinemeyer, Precision observables in the MSSM at two-loop order 20'
Ayres Freitas, Radiative corrections to slepton pair production 20'
  Discussion 20'

Hope to seeing you at the Krakow workshop.
With best regards, Fred Jegerlehner, Wolfgang Hollik

LoopVerein (precision calculations of high order processes)

Convener SM: Fred Jegerlehner
Convener SUSY: Wolfgang Hollik
Experimental advice: Klaus Moenig .

Fred Jegerlehner
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