ECFA LCWS Montpellier, November 2003

Agenda of the LOOPVEREIN sessions:

Speaker Title Time
Friday, November 14 14.00-15.35  
S. Dittmaier/W. Hollik, Welcome, news, plans 5'
Markus Roth Electroweak radiative corrections to single Higgs production and t-tbar-Higgs production 30'
Fawzi Boudjema Radiative corrections to e+e- --> t-tbar-H and e+e- --> ZHH 30'
Stefan Dittmaier Technical progress in one-loop corrections to many-particle processes 30'
Friday, November 14 Joint session with GENERATORS group, 16.10-17.25  
Edward Boos NLO corrections in CompHEP 25'
Dima Bardin Present status of the SANC project 25'
Michael Kraemer NLO QCD calculations with Parton Showers 25'
Saturday, November 15 14.00-15.30  
Michal Czakon Two-loop Fermionic Contributions to the Effective Weak Mixing Angle 30'
Lidia Kalinovskaia SANC: processes 2 --> 2 30'
Andrey Arbuzov SANC and radiative corrections to NC and CC neutrino DIS 30'

LoopVerein (precision calculations of high order processes)

Convener SM: Stefan Dittmaier
Convener SUSY: Wolfgang Hollik
Experimental advice: Klaus Moenig