Agenda of the LOOPVEREIN sessions:

Speaker Title Time
Wednesday, April 2 14.00-16.00  
S. Dittmaier/W. Hollik, Welcome, news, plans 10'
Genevieve Belanger Full one-loop electroweak radiative corrections to single Higgs production 30'
Marcus Weber Electroweak radiative corrections to e+e- --> nu nubar H 30'
Johann Kuehn Three-Loop Top-Quark Contributions to the Rho-Parameter 30'
Malgorzata Awramik Final Report on Two Loop Electroweak Corrections to Muon Decay 20'
Thursday, April 3 14.00-15.30  
Stefan Weinzierl Extending the subtraction method to NNLO 25'
Ansgar Denner Two-loop electroweak angular-dependent logarithms at high-energies 25'
Wilhelm Oeller Analysis of the chargino and neutralino mass parameters at one-loop level 20'
Christian Weber Complete one-loop corrections to A0 -> sf_1 sf_2 20'

LoopVerein (precision calculations of high order processes)

Convener SM: Stefan Dittmaier
Convener SUSY: Wolfgang Hollik
Experimental advice: Klaus Moenig