Our Group

Former members

Dr. Mario Araujo (patent attorney candidate)
Dr. Stephan Steinfurt
Dr. Hansjoerg Zeller (now at Continental, Hannover)
Dr. Migael Strydom
Dr. Da-Wei Pang (now University of Southampton)
Dr. Jonathan Shock (now Lecturer, University of Cape Town)
Dr. Steffen Klug (Mueller) (now Leiden)
Dr. Sebastian Halter (now LMU)
Dr. Veselin Filev (now DIAS Dublin)
Dr. Shu Lin (now Brookhaven)
Dr. Patrick Kerner
Dr. Hai Thanh Ngo
Dr. Andrew O'Bannon (now at University of Oxford)
Dr. Martin Ammon (now Junior Professor at Jena University)
Dr. Viviane Grass
Dr. Felix Rust (now at Vista-Geo GmbH, Munich)
Dr. Rene Meyer (now IMPU, Tokyo)
Dr. Matthias Kaminski (now University of Washington, Seattle)
Dr. Stephan Hoehne
Professor Jeong-Hyuck Park (now Sogang University and CQuest, Seoul)
Dr. Zachary Guralnik
Dr. Ingo Kirsch (now at Desy)
Dr. James Babington
Dr. Christoph Sieg (now Copenhagen)
Dr. Riccardo Apreda
Dr. Johannes Grosse
Dr. Robert Schmidt
Jegors Korovins, Master of Science (now at University of Amsterdam)
Dipl.-Phys. Saeid Aminian
Dipl.-Phys. Andre Haas
Dipl.-Phys. Christian Wagner
Dipl.-Phys. Uwe Roehner
Dipl.-Phys. Christian Schwenke


Please note: These pictures are protected by copyright. If you are not on them, please ask Johanna Erdmenger before using them.

members of Johannas group Photograph taken by Dr. Katharina Erdmenger in front of the Max Planck Institute for Physics on 16th January 2009.
Back row, from left to right: P. Kerner, M. Ammon, C. Greubel, F. Rust;
Front row: H.T. Ngo, R. Meyer, J. Erdmenger, A. O'Bannon.
members of Johannas group A debate in the coffee room, January 2009.
members of Johannas group Photograph taken at Ringberg Castle in July 2006 at the Workshop QCD&Strings which we organised.
Back row, from left to right: R. Apreda, F. Rust, S. Hoehne, M. Kaminski;
Front row: R. Schmidt, J. Erdmenger, J. Grosse, J.-H. Park.
members of Johannas group Zachary Guralnik, Ingo Kirsch, James Babington and Johanna Erdmenger in Berlin-Adlershof, 2003. Together with Nick Evans these are the authors of hep-th/0306018.
members of Johannas group Ingo, Johanna and Zach starting out in Berlin, Invalidenstrasse 110, in 2001.
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