Download of uu-files:

You can download the complete uu-file, containing all files (~441 kB).
The older versions are for possible checks and comparisons.

In the introduction the usage of the program is explained in detail: Introduction2.txt
But also have a look in the 'changes'-section in the main page!
Important: With the new version one cannot longer reproduce exactly the results as given in Introduction.txt . However, the values given in the comparison figures, see above, can be obtained with the new version.
There has been a major update on 24th of September 2001: the renormalization at the one-loop level has been changed to one that reduces the corrections beyond one-loop.

Here you can find several plots that compare the new version (with the new renormalization scheme, blue curve) with the old version (until 23rd of September 2001, red curve) for four combinations of tan beta and MA in the three benchmark scenarios (for a more detailed description see also hep-ph/0202166.) The "bumps" in some of the red curves (old version) originate from the then employed renormalization including the derivative of the A boson self-energy. The bumps correspond to crossed threshold, e.g. MA = 2 mt. This is documented in hep-ph/9812472.

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