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The whole premise of this site is to force myself and my work into the homes of innocent, unexpecting, otherwise rational humans. . . no wait, that's Bill Gates. . .
I'm Thomas Hahn and here's how you can reach me:

Max-Planck-Institute for Physics
Föhringer Ring 6
D-80805 München
phone: +49-89-32354-300
fax: +49-89-32354-304

Some things I'm working on:

FeynArts, a Mathematica package to generate Feynman diagrams and amplitudes.
FeynEdit, a Feynman diagram editor in Java.
FormCalc, a package to calculate and algebraically simplify FeynArts amplitudes.
LoopTools, a package for the numerical evaluation of one-loop scalar and tensor functions.
FeynHiggs, a package for the prediction of Higgs observables in the MSSM.
Cuba, a library for multidimensional numerical integration.
SLHALib, a library for reading SLHA files.
Diag, a library for the diagonalization of complex matrices.
Multicore, a Mathematica package for parallelization.
Lecture Material:
Introduction to Mathematica and Form: SlidesExamplesMathematica Primer
Symbolic Programming Examples: SlidesExamples
Numeric Programming Examples: SlidesExamples
Using FeynArts and FormCalc: SlidesExamples

I'm the contact person for physics in the steering group of the Fachgruppe Computeralgebra, a committee on computer algebra jointly organized by DMV (Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung), GAMM (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik), and GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik).

Twice a year the Fachgruppe Computeralgebra issues the Computeralgebra-Rundbrief which contains news and information related to computer algebra, such as conference announcements, surveys of publications, etc.

Am I Content?

No, and I hope I never will be.

The day you wake up and everything's perfect – what's left? What direction is there to go? Much better to wake every morning to matters which worry you a bit, affairs that demand your attention and work you feel must get done. These are the things that keep me going. I love to search for solutions, to solve things. I guess you could even say that. . . Problems make me happy.

Renzo Rosso, Founder and Owner of Diesel

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